Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board
தமிழ்நாடு மாசு கட்டுப்பாடு வாரியம்

Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016

Salient Features

Rule 2 Application:

These rules shall apply to every urban local body, outgrowths in urban agglomerations, census towns as declared by the Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India, notified areas, notified industrial townships, areas under the control of Indian Railways, airports, airbases, Ports and harbours, defence establishments, special economic zones, State and Central government organisations, places of pilgrims, religious and historical importance as may be notified by respective State government from time to time and to every domestic, institutional, commercial and any other non residential solid waste generator situated in the areas except industrial waste, hazardous waste, hazardous chemicals, bio medical wastes, e-waste, lead acid batteries and radio-active waste, that are covered under separate rules framed under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

Rule 3 Definitions

(30) "local body" for the purpose of these rules means and includes the municipal corporation, nagar nigam, municipal council, nagarpalika, nagar Palikaparishad, municipal board, nagar panchayat and town panchayat, census towns, notified areas and notified industrial townships with whatever name they are called in different States and union territories in India (xvi) "operator of a facility" means a person who owns or operates a facility for collection, segregation, storage, transportation, processing and disposal of municipal solid wastes and also includes any other agency appointed as such by the municipal authority for management and handling of municipal solid wastes in the respective areas.

(44) "segregation" means sorting and separate storage of various components of solid waste namely biodegradable wastes including agriculture and dairy waste, non biodegradable wastes including recyclable waste, non-recyclable combustible waste, sanitary waste and non recyclable inert waste, domestic hazardous wastes, and construction and demolition wastes

Rule 4

Duties of waste generators

Rule 5

Duties of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Rule 6 Duties of Ministry of Urban Development
Rule 7 Duties of Department of Fertilisers, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers.
Rule 8 Duties of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India
Rule 9 Duties of the Ministry of Power
Rule 10 Duties of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources
Rule 11 Duties of the Secretaryin-charge, Urban Development in the States and Union territories
Rule 12

Duties of District Magistrate or District Collector or Deputy Commissioner.- The District Magistrate or District Collector or as the case may be , the Deputy Commissioner shall.

Facilitate identification and allocation of suitable land as per clause (f) of rules 11 for setting up solid waste processing and disposal facilities to local authorities in his district in close coordination with the Secretary-in-charge of State Urban Development Department within one year from the date of notification of these rules;

Review the performance of local bodies, at least once in a quarter on waste segregation, processing, treatment and disposal and take corrective measures in consultation with the Commissioner or Director of Municipal Administration or Director of local bodies and secretary-in-charge of the State Urban Development

Rule 13

Duties of the Secretaryin-charge of Village Panchayats or Rural Development Department in the State and Union territory.- (1) The Secretaryin-charge of Village Panchayats or Rural Development Department in the State and Union territory shall have the same duties as the Secretaryin-charge, Urban Development in the States and Union territories, for the areas which are covered under these rules and are under their jurisdictions

Rule 14 Duties of Central Pollution Control Board
Rule 15 Duties and responsibilities of local authorities and village Panchayats of census towns and urban agglomerations.
Rule 16 Duties of State Pollution Control Board or Pollution Control Committee
Rule 17 Duty of manufacturers or brand owners of disposable products and sanitary napkins and diapers
Rule 18 Duties of the industrial units located within one hundred km from the refused derived fuel and waste to energy plants based on solid waste
Rule 19 Criteria for Duties regarding setting-up solid waste processing and treatment facility
Rule 20 Criteria and actions to be taken for solid waste management in hilly areas
Rule 21 Criteria for waste to energy process
Rule 22 Time frame for implementation
Rule 23 State Level Advisory Body
Rule 24 Annual Reports
Rule 25 Accident Reporting
Schedule I Specifications for Sanitary Landfills
Schedule II Standards of processing and treatment of solid waste
Form 1 Application for obtaining authorisation under solid waste management rules for processing/recycling/treatment and disposal of solid waste
Form 2 Format for issue of authorisation
Form 3 Format of annual report to be submitted by the operator of facility to the local body
Form 4 Format for annual report on solid waste management to be submitted by the local body
Form 5 Format of annual report to be submitted by the state pollution control board or pollution control committee committees to the central pollution control board
Form 6 Accident Reporting