Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board தமிழ்நாடு மாசு கட்டுப்பாடு வாரியம்

Plastic Waste Management Cell

The Government on 25.06.2018 had notified the ban on manufacture, storage, supply, transport, sale or distribution of one time use and throwaway plastics. Single-use plastics (SUP) such as plastic sheets used for food wrapping, spreading on dining table, plastic plates, plastic coated teacups, plastic tumbler water pouches, packets, plastic straw, plastic carry bag, plastic flags irrespective of thickness. The said ban was brought into effect from 01.01.2019.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is committed to eliminating throwaway plastic and poised to take bold steps to tackle this imminent crisis of plastic pollution with the participation of people from all walks of life.

During the Budget session 2021-2022, the Government of Tamil Nadu has made an announcement on the floor of the Assembly on 03.09.2021, calling for the implementation of the "People's Campaign against throwaway plastics" through Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board. This will be undertaken by launching a people's movement in each District inviting stakeholders from various sectors like Traders Associations, Social Clubs, Merchants Association, Citizen Bodies and Leaders from Local bodies. This will be followed up by strict enforcement with the support and guidance of District Collectors.

In order to fight Plastic pollution and eliminate single use throwaway plastic, Government will adopt the following 4 strategies.

1.Support people's movement against plastic through communication that is impactful and innovative.

2.Design a framework for effective monitoring and reporting on implementation of the plastic ban across the state.

3.Coordinate and interface with stakeholders to design and popularize sustainable eco-friendly alternatives.

4.Work with Industry, MSME and other stakeholders to create a road map for large scale production of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging through workshops, seminars and knowledge sharing.

A State campaign titled "Meendum Manjappai" - a call for a back to basics and into the future with traditional nature based solutions will be the starting point.

The ubiquitous yellow bag or 'Manjappai' is integral to Tamil Nadu's culture, serving as a humble grocery bag to one in which return gifts are presented to guests at weddings. People carry a love for the traditional yellow cloth bag, which is affordable, easily available, user-friendly and reusable for a longer duration. In recent times disposable plastic bags have entered in a big way and especially during the pandemic times it has become the norm. It is time to halt the extensive use of disposable plastics before it chokes our storm drains, pollutes our soils and rivers eventually finding its way into the ocean. Local nature based solutions like the 'Manjappai' can be brought back through a people's campaign.

The "Meendum Manjappai" campaign was launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 23.12.2021 with a series of activities that will be devised to promote people's participation as the revival of the eco-friendly tradition in the fight against throwaway plastic bags and create consciousness among public to get back to cloth bags. The material being familiar among public will promote easy reach to the minds and hearts of people and connect easily with people across generations.

The State proposes to focus on plans based on the following areas of intervention for successful implementation of the People's campaign on onetime use and throwaway plastics and one such activity is :-

Setting up of a Project Management Unit (PMU) at Chennai to steer the activities of the project.

Based on the above, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has formed the Plastic Waste Management Cell (PWM Cell) at Board office to monitor and help in implementation of complete ban on Single Use Plastics in Tamil Nadu.

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