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17 Category of Highly Polluting Industries

The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India have classified the following 17 category of Industries as highly polluting industries which are to be closely monitored.

S.No Category View Details S.No Category View Details
1 Sugar Click Here 10 Caustic Soda Click Here
2 Cement Click Here 11 Pharmaceuticals Click Here
3 Distillery Click Here 12 Dye and Dye Stuff Click Here
4 Petrochemical Click Here 13 Refinery Click Here
5 Pulp & Paper Clich Here 14 Copper Smelter Clich Here
6 Fertilizer Click Here 15 Iron & Steel Click Here
7 Tannery Click Here 16 Zinc Smelter Nil
8 Pesticides Click Here 17 Aluminium Nil
9 Thermal Power Station Click Here