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1 Green Award 2018 for recognized residential Welfare Association and gated Communites in Greater Chennai.
2 TNPCB- Presentation of Green Awards to Recognized residential welfare association & Gated Communities for every year from 2017-18 onwards at a cost of Rs.5 Lakhs.
3 TNPCB- Categorization of M-SAND Units & to evolve Guidelines towards siting of M-SAND Units and on processing of consent application pertaining to M-SAND Units.
4 TNPCB- Delegation of powers to DLCCC to decide on issue of CTE/CTO for mining of minor minerals falling under B2 category projects which are granted Environmental Clearance by the DEIAA & SEIAA(upto 25 HEC).
5 TNPCB- Guidelines with respect to transfer of CETP Membership, disposal of chemical sludge by the textile bleaching & dyeing units and Tanneries.
6 TNPCB- Instructions to the textile bleaching,dyeing and printing units who have provided/proposed to provide Zero Liquid Discharge system shall provide mechanical evaporator followed by Agitated thin film Dyer.
7 Conditions to Green Belt imposed by TNPCB- while granting CTE/CTO to the units.
8 Conditions to Green Belt imposed by TNPCB- while granting CTE/CTO to the units.
9 Ban on one-time use and throwaway plastics.
10 Ban on one-time use and throwaway plastics irrespective of thickness with effect from 01.01.2019 under Environment(protection)Act.
11 Green Award 2018 for District Collectors, Industries and Colleges/Universities/Centre of Excellences.
12 Gazette notification of Environmental Standards for SO2 and NOx for 05 Industrial Sectors.
13 Press release Grievance Redressal Centre.
14 Ambient Air Quality Monitoring in Greater Chennai Corporation during Bhogi Festival 2018-Press Release.
15 Deletion of Returned Application which are pending for more than 60/90 days - retrieval of deleted applications for further processing by the industries
16 Deletion of Returned Application Press Release
17 CRZ Clearance by M/s Chennai Rivers Restoration Trust
18 Honourable Supreme Court Judgment in WP(C) No.375/2012 dated 22.02.2017