Public Interest G.O.'s

Public Interest G.O.'s


                    Environment Control - Constituted of District Environmental Committees to focus environmental protection at District level - Orders - Issued.

G.O. Ms.No. 272                                                                   Dated :- 10.7.90


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1. From the Special Secretary Ministry of Environment and Forests , Government of India, New Delhi D.O Lr. No 24/1/88-RE Dated 30.12.88

2. From the Additional Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests, D.O.Lr. No. 24(1) 36 - RE dared 14.2.90.

3. From the Chairman, Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, D.O. Lr. No. 10652.90, Dated 9.3.90           


1.The Government of India,  Ministry of Environment and Forests have suggested that District Environmental Committees may be set up in all districts to provide a focus for the environmental protection at the district level.  These bodies can be purely advisory or may play a formal role in the district administrative structure as may be decided by the States.  They have forwarded certain suggestions worked out by them and have requested that these suggestions may be adopted according to the local requirements 

 2.The Chairman, Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, has observed that the District Environmental Committee should act as a watch-dog on the operations of the industries and serve as a focal point for action and also interact with the local unit of the Pollution Control Board.

3.The Government have examined the above suggestions and have decided to set up District Environmental Committees in the State.  The composition of the committee will be as follows:-

1.    Collector of District                              - Chairman                  

2.    District Environment Engineer    - Secretary - Convenor Members:-

3.    One M.L.A of one of the Assembly Constituencies in the District.

4.    Commissioner / Special Officer of Municipal Corporation

5.    One Chairman of one of the Municipal Council in the District.

6.    One Chairman of one of the Panchayat Union Councils in the District.

7.    One representative from the Agriculture Department at district level

8.    One representative from Irrigation Department at district level.

9.    One representative from the Forest Department at district level

10.  One representative from the Fisheries Department at district level

11.  One representative from the Animal Husbandry Department at district level

12.  One representative from the Industries Department at district level

13.  One representative from the Public Health Department at district level

14.  One representative from the Town and Country Planning Department at district level

15.  One representative from the Highways Department at district level

16. Three representatives from the Voluntary Organisations functioning in the district level

17. Three representatives from the Colleges, University and Laboratory located in the District.


4.The main functions of the District Environmental Committees will be, promotion of Environmental awareness among people from various walks of life, identification of environmental problems and formulations of programmes and implementation of procedure to solve these problems.  The role of these committees will be advisory only. 

5. The total number of members of the committee shall be limited to 21.  The terms of office of the members will be for two years.

6.  The orders regarding the classification of the committee will issue separately to determine the rates of Travelling allowance and Daily Allowance to be claimed by the Members.  The Secretary (Convenor) of the Committee will countersign the Travelling Allowance/Daily Allowance bills of the members.  The above expenditure shall be met from the funds of the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, Madras.

7. All the District Collectors are requested to constitute the District Environmental Committee in their respective districts and send the list of members (name and designation), soon after its constitution, to the Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board, Madras - 4, and Secretary to Government, Environment & Forest Department, for information.

8. This order issues with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide its U.O.No.73500/F&CF/90-1 Dated 5.7.90.






The Secretary to Government of India,

Ministry of Environment & Forests,

Paryavran Bhavan,

C.G.O. Complex,

Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110 003.

The Chairman,

Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board,

Madras - 4.

All the District Collectors.


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The Secretary to Government

Rural Development / Municipal Administration &

Water Supply / Agriculture / Public Work Department /

Animal Husbandry  & Fisheries / Industries /

Housing and Urban Development / Health & Family

Welfare / Education / Environment & Forests (FR Special)